What are we doing?

We assist customers in product developmet, brand OEM, and Hong Way International CO., LTD. related brand product production. According to the types of processing materials, Hong Way International CO., LTD. provides technical consultation, mold design, welding of TPU, PVC, EVA, TPR and other materials, and OEM. By applying the equipment and technology , we can produce finished products such as: high-frequency welding products, heat-bonding processed products, sewing processed products, etc.

According to the type of product used, our company assists customers in product design, and the types of production is such as: outdoor sports equipment, various backpacks, engineering storage and protective equipment, medical peripheral products, and products with inflatable functions or waterproof requirements.

Equipment of Hong Way International CO., LTD.

Hong Way International CO., LTD. contains various scale machines, which can be used for various types and sizes of products. The machine types include high-frequency welding machines of various powers (maximum power up to 100KW), heated welding machines, waterproof adhesive tape hot-sticking machines, manual and Automatic sewing machines, cutting machines, ultrasonic welding machines and other equipment, We are good at making products based on customer needs and product characteristics, using various machines and equipment. We provide one-stop service to complete the production without any outsourcing ,and we achieve the perfect appearance of the finished product and high quality reliability.

How we work with customers​

Professional Certification

Hong Way International CO., LTD. adheres to the concept of “achieve high quality, high efficiency and meeting customer needs”. We obtained ISO9001:2008 certification in 2011 and ISO13485:2016 in 2019. We execute the ISO quality management system and continues to improve our company.

Outdoor sports

Provide climbing mats, inflatable mattresses, outdoor sports products, water products and other products.

Storage backpack

Produce all kinds of waterproof backpacks, sports backpacks, waterproof storage bags, customized tool bags, etc.

Medical related

Produce mattresses, wheelchair cushions, anti-pollution bed bags, etc., and make finished products with anti-blood pollution related materials.

Engineering related

Engineering protective clothing and isolation clothing, high-load heavy decontamination bags, sandbag bags or customized large-size engineering products.

Our Customers


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